Everything Orca!


A killer whale’s eye is similar in size to the eye of a cow. In other words, about as big as a golf ball. Considering how much bigger killer whales are than cows, they have very small eyes in ratio to the rest of their body!

In the deeper, darker parts of the ocean, eyesight can only go so…

Hi everyone! I am Aleena. A Orca Whale. Image From:http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_l1nwb1C7e71qbvj9o.jpg

This blog is for my science project. We had to choose an endangered animal or plant we are passionate about. So i personally love marine life, so i chose the Killer (Orca) Whale (Orcinus orca). The Orca Whale is endagered becuase we hunt them for there blubber which is clear oil which we use in many every day products. So here i will be posting information about this animal